Volume 1864, Issue 6

1 June 2022

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    1. Editorial Board

      Article 183915
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  1. Regular papers

    1. Molecular study on the role of vacuolar transporters in glycyrrhetinic acid production in engineered Saccharomyces cerevisiae

      Article 183890
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    2. The importance of ceramide headgroup for lipid localisation in skin lipid models

      Article 183886
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    3. Non-ionic detergent assists formation of supercharged nanodiscs and insertion of membrane proteins

      Article 183884
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    4. Membrane composition and successful bioaugmentation. Studies of the interactions of model thylakoid and plasma cyanobacterial and bacterial membranes with fungal membrane-lytic enzyme Lecitase ultra

      Article 183888
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    5. Spectroscopic signatures of bilayer ordering in native biological membranes

      Article 183891
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  2. Articles from the Special Issue on "Proton binding and pH sensing of membrane transporters: From basic science to bio-materials"; Edited by Dr. Mihail Barboiu and Dr. Ana-Nicoleta Bondar

    1. pH-induced insertion of pHLIP into a lipid bilayer: In-situ SEIRAS characterization of a folding intermediate at neutral pH

      Article 183873
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    2. Conserved hydrogen-bond motifs of membrane transporters and receptors

      Article 183896
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ISSN: 0005-2736