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Volume 124, Issue 3
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April 2022

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Acta Histochemica is a classic scientific journal established in 1954 currently focused on basic research and methodological innovations in cell and tissue biology. The aim of the journal is to promote the peer-reviewed publication of original articles and short communications reporting novel …

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Shumin Liu, ... Haibin Xia
April 2022
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L. Milani, ... M.G. Maurizii
April 2022
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Vasco Fachada, ... Heikki Kainulainen
April 2022
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Mona M. Ali, ... Shaker A. Mousa
April 2022
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Navid Abedpoor, ... Fatemeh Hajibabaie
February 2022
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Jinxin Han, ... Bo Liu
February 2022
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Archisman Mahapatra, ... Rahul K. Singh
February 2022
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Article collections

Oral Pathology

Edited by Marilena Vered
25 November 2019

Air-breathing in fishes

Edited by José M. Icardo, Giacomo Zaccone
October 2018

Immunomarkers in human developing and pediatric neoplastic tissues

Edited by Gaetano Magro, Giuseppe Musumeci, Rosalba Parenti
May–June 2015

First János Fischer Memorial Symposium

Edited by Josef Makovitzky, Susann Richter
July 2009