Volume 48, Issue 2

March 2022

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    1. Editorial Board

      Article 102513
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  1. Regular Articles

    1. Student Learning Outcomes Assessment in Higher Education and in Academic Libraries: A Review of the Literature

      Article 102485
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    2. Technological transformation of United States government documents librarianship

      Article 102498
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    3. Recent advances of information literacy education for international students in Chinese academic libraries

      Article 102497
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    4. Understanding Academic Librarians' One-shot Instructional Design Process Via a Delphi Study

      Article 102501
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    5. Analyzing Faculty Open Access Publishing: A citation analysis of select colleges at the University of South Florida

      Article 102493
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    6. Are library vendors doing enough to protect users? A content analysis of major ILS privacy policies

      Article 102505
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    7. Evaluation of the Egyptian knowledge bank using the information systems success model

      Article 102506
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    1. University libraries as open innovation partners: Harnessing hidden potential to foster global entrepreneurship

      Article 102432
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    2. Popcast: A music podcast with unexpected scholarly angles. A review and highlighted episode selection

      Article 102438
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ISSN: 0099-1333