Volume 6

March 2022

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  1. Editorial Board

    Article 100102
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  2. Double direction three-term spectral conjugate gradient method for solving symmetric nonlinear equations

    Article 100072
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  3. Outbreak and control of Foot and Mouth Disease within and across adjacent districts—A mathematical perspective

    Article 100074
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  4. Towards an Adaptive Dynamic Mode Decomposition

    Article 100076
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  5. Mitigating biological epidemic on heterogeneous social networks

    Article 100078
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  6. Ratio-based data envelopment analysis: An interactive approach to identify benchmark

    Article 100081
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  7. Automatic liver and tumour segmentation from CT images using Deep learning algorithm

    Article 100087
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  8. Conservation water environment of a lagoon system by controlling manure distribution

    Article 100086
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  9. Study on multi-objective linear fractional programming problem involving pentagonal intuitionistic fuzzy number

    Article 100091
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  10. Controlling arrival and service rates to reduce sensitivity of queueing systems with customer abandonment

    Article 100089
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  11. Safe reinforcement learning with mixture density network, with application to autonomous driving

    Article 100095
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  12. Assessing non-convex value functions for the optimal control of stochastic differential equations

    Article 100093
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  13. Closed loop fractional order drug delivery control scheme for chemotherapy

    Article 100097
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ISSN: 2666-7207