Volume 11

December 2021

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  1. Editorial

    1. Humanitarian crisis at the Poland–Belarus border: politics is putting migrants at risk

      Article 100285
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  2. Commentary

    1. Long COVID risk - a signal to address sex hormones and women's health

      Article 100242
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    2. Sobering evidence that higher taxes will mitigate alcohol-related cancer harms

      Article 100246
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  3. Letters

    1. Surveillance of endemic human Coronaviruses in Germany, 2019/2020

      Article 100262
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    2. Malformations and pregnancy with schizophrenia

      Article 100251
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    3. The impact of COVID-19 in nursing homes in Madrid, Spain: a need for assessment

      Article 100261
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    4. The epidemiological relevance of the COVID-19-vaccinated population is increasing

      Article 100272
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    5. Underestimating the lung cancer mortality reductions produced by low-dose CT screening

      Article 100256
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    6. Call to apply a consistent scale in public COVID-19 reporting

      Article 100264
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    7. Electricity price, heat and risk of climate poverty in spain's current climate change scenario

      Article 100271
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    8. Understanding the lung cancer mortality reductions produced by low-dose CT screening

      Article 100255
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    9. Malformations and pregnancy with schizophrenia – Authors’ reply

      Article 100257
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  4. Research Paper

    1. Long working hours and risk of 50 health conditions and mortality outcomes: a multicohort study in four European countries

      Article 100212
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    2. Modelling the impact of increased alcohol taxation on alcohol-attributable cancers in the WHO European Region

      Article 100225
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    3. Child maltreatment and incident mental disorders in middle and older ages: a retrospective UK Biobank cohort study

      Article 100224
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    4. Effect of the introduction of immediate judge's decisions in 2018 on the use of coercive measures in psychiatric hospitals in Germany: a population-based study

      Article 100233
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    5. Clinical performance of high-risk HPV testing on self-samples versus clinician samples in routine primary HPV screening in the Netherlands: An observational study

      Article 100235
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    6. Association between vaccination with the BNT162b2 mRNA COVID-19 vaccine and Bell's palsy: a population-based study

      Article 100236
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    7. Mortality comparison between the first and second/third waves among 3,795 critical COVID-19 patients with pneumonia admitted to the ICU: A multicentre retrospective cohort study

      Article 100243
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    8. An open, non-randomised, phase 1/2 trial on the safety, tolerability, and immunogenicity of single-dose vaccine “Sputnik Light” for prevention of coronavirus infection in healthy adults

      Article 100241
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    9. Effectiveness of heterologous ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 and mRNA prime-boost vaccination against symptomatic Covid-19 infection in Sweden: A nationwide cohort study

      Article 100249
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    10. All-cause and cause-specific mortality in people with mental disorders and intellectual disabilities, before and during the COVID-19 pandemic: cohort study

      Article 100228
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ISSN: 2666-7762