Vascular resections in minimally invasive surgery for pancreatic cancer rights and content
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Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) is characterised by poor oncological outcome and is the seventh cause of cancer-related deaths worldwide. With the advances in surgical technology, oncological treatment, and critical care, extended pancreatic resections including vascular resections have become more frequently performed in specialised centres. Furthermore, the boundaries of resectability continue to be pushed in order to achieve a potentially curative approach in selected patients in combination with neoadjuvant and adjuvant treatment strategies. This review gives an overview on the current state of venous and arterial resections in PDAC surgery with particular attention given to the minimally invasive approach.


Pancreatic adenocarcinoma
Minimally invasive surgery
Extended pancreatic resection
Vascular resection
Vascular reconstruction
Neoadjuvant therapy